CHIPS INVESTMENT CASTING INC.‘s products are used in versatile industries. For example: automotive/truck/ agricultural machinery, motorcycle/bicycle, Electronic locks/ electromechanical locks, surgical instrument & medical equipment, industrial machinery & equipment, communication equipment, power generator, explosion-proof valve/flow meter, building hardware, defensive firearms, sewing machine/textile machine, marine engine/marine hardware, aeronautical engine/ aeronautical hardware…etc.

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Comply with Europe (DIN), USA (AISI, ASTM, IC), Japan (JIS) material specifications, several patented materials and customized melting materials are possible.

Automotive parts:
Waste Gate Valve, Bushing, V/G Turbo Plate, Insert Turbine, Actuator Plate, Rocker Arm, Chamber, Transmission, Diffuser, EGR, Boss, Actuator Valve, Pinion Carrier, Water Jacket…

Motorcycle / Bicycle parts:
Foot Pedal, Lock Pedal, Front Fork, Bracket, Waste Gate Valve, EGR, Boss, Gear, Steering Handle…

Surgical / Medical parts:
Prosthetic, Surgical Forceps, Surgical Clamp, Orthodontic, Orthopedic, Laryngoscope parts, Operating Bed, Hospital Bed…

Flow meter / Special usage valve:
Turbine Flow Meter, Hydraulic Valve, Pneumatic Valve, Hydrogen Pressure Valve, Actuator Valve, Electromagnetic Valve, Air Prep…

Lock parts:
Electromechanical Lock, Electric Strikes,Fingerlock, Backplate Cup...